Wil was born in rural Lithuania to displaced migrant laborers from Alberta, Canada. Although Filipino by heritage, he nevertheless clings to his Lithuanian roots and recently placed 2nd in the 2012 National Lithuanian folk clogging contest attended by the Lithuanian president as well as Lithuanian ice skater, Olympic gold medalist Oksana Baul. His goal is to bring Lithuanian clogging to Nashville and make his new son and daughter proud of an Asian boy who made it big in the world of East European folk dancing.

Gregory began life as a street orphan in Buenos Aires where he made ends meet by working as a professional child beach baci ball player. He prides himself on his efforts to raise global consciousness of baci ball as a competitive sport. He was forced to abandon his goals when a nearby building crane collapsed on him, piercing his left big toe and squashing his dreams of professional athletics. He now contributes to Bocce Ball Illustrated as a regular guest editor and is slated to provide color commentary at the 2013 Bocce Ball spring season opener in Lithuania.